By far our most popular trip, trip 1 is an ideal way to spend your day sailing around the Laganas Gulf. Start your trip at the Keri Beach Port where you will board your boat and head off to Marathonisi Island (Turtle Island)! From there you will head off to Agio Sosti through the clear blue waters of the Ionian.

There are several stops after Agio Sosti where you will go in to the world famous Keri Caves, the unreal turquoise waters will leave you breathless. Take a stop and swim in the magical caves, you're the boss - you decide where to stop and when to go!



Trip 2

For the more adventurous types, trip 2 will take you on your own private guided tour to Navagio (Shipwreck) Beach in Zakynthos, Greece. What more could anyone ask than for a day on your own boat leading to one of the most famous beaches in the world?

Listen to music of your choice as we take you in to Zakynthian caves and to private beaches you can only reach by boat. You will be sure to make memories that will last you a lifetime here on Zakynthos Island.